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Mysore style differs from the usual way of teaching yoga. The class is not “led” as a whole, but rather all instruction is one-on-one within the group class setting. Students practice their own portion of the Ashtanga sequence of asanas at their own pace. The teacher assists each student individually by giving physical adjustments & verbal instruction.

Each student is given a yoga routine according to their ability. Newer and beginner students tend to have a much shorter practice than do those with more experience. As one gains more strength, stamina, flexibility and concentration, additional asanas are given to the student. The sense of the word “given” in this context comes from how the practice is taught in India, where a yoga practice is something that a teacher gives to a student as a spiritual practice. In the West, people are accustomed to learning a lot of asanas all at once – such as in a typical modern “led” yoga class.

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Vinyasa YogaBeginner

Sometimes referred to as “flow” yoga, Vinyasa is a style of yoga characterized by stringing various postures together so that you move from one to another, seamlessly, using breath. Suitable for beginners, these classes introduce movement with breath (vinyasa) through simple sun salutations, basic standing poses, seated forward bends and twists, hip and shoulder stretches, and restorative poses for relaxation.

Gentle YogaBeginner

Gentle yoga is a class open to anyone along their yoga journey. This class embodies the practices of Classical Hatha Yoga, weaving in mindfulness with breath and physical postures. You can expect gentle warmups, active poses, balancing, practices of mindfulness, open monitoring and breathing practices, as well as a long savasana (resting pose)! The pace of this class is generally slower than the Vinyasa Flow classes for gentle transitions.

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Restorative YogaRelaxation

This restorative Hatha will be a slow paced class with a focus on both mind and body. The aim is to restore the nervous system and release deep rooted tension. This is done with basic warm-ups, postures and the utilization of many props to facilitate comfort and complete relaxation. There will also be emphasis on the practice of yogic breath control, Pranayama. It is advisable to dress comfortably and warmly for this class. Long pants, long sleeves and socks are recommended.

Private Sessions

Sessions can include breathwork and meditation, restorative & gentle yoga, vinyasa flow yoga, walking, free-flow movement, basic technique in ballet, modern & contemporary dance, line drawing and developing a personal practice. We can discuss and determine the type of sessions you think would be most beneficial for you, your group, your clients. The fee structure varies according to the type of group or organization, type of session, and number of participants.

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