• Rob Joanisse

    Originally from North Bay, Rob Joanisse was introduced to Ashtanga Yoga by his primary teachers Mark Darby and Allison Ulan at the Ashtanga Yoga Studio in Montreal in 1998. He completed the studio’s 500-hour teacher certification course and is certified with Yoga Alliance (E-RYT 500) and has been teaching yoga since 2001. Rob has also studied Iyengar yoga with Hart Lazer, one of North America’s foremost yoga instructors, attended numerous workshops with Pattabhi Jois, Sharath, Richard Freeman, Chuck Miller and Maty Ezraty.  He is also an accomplished professional drummer; won a Juno Award with Bran Van 3000; recorded with Ric Ocasek of The Cars; teaches drum lessons and accompanies yoga and dance classes. Rob co-founded and co-owns Vinyasa with Cristina Lella.

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  • Natalie DeMarco

    Natalie’s fascination with the human body and movement has lead her to various avenues of fitness and therapy, including a Human Kinetics Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Guelph. Early involvement with instructing group fitness and personal training while at university gave her a taste for teaching in both individual and group settings. She has also earned certifications for Thai Yoga Massage and Foot Reflexology in Thailand, as well as Classical Hatha Yoga in Rishikesh, India. As s a member of the rehabilitation team at Structure Spine and Sport Chiropractic Clinic in North Bay she continues to help those in need and is pleased to also share her knowledge and skill with you through her yoga teaching and practice.

    Natalie's yoga journey began in 2012 when she joined an Ashtanga yoga studio in Maui, Hawaii, she had never tried yoga before. Her heart was full and her mind and body eager and determined to explore this new practice. Upon returning to North Bay, she continued her practice at Vinyasa Yoga studio with Rob Joanisse. After exploring various types of yoga, Natalie decided to pursue her teacher training in Classical Hatha Yoga. She is very pleased to be a part of Vinyasa Yoga & Other Arts and work with the teachers who helped her along her journey and with new kindred spirits!  Continuously eager to learn, Natalie plans to continue to expand her knowledge with future training and certifications in order to offer more variety and fresh insight to her students.

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    ndemarco32@gmail.com or nataliedemarco.tmt@gmail.com
  • Brittany Drouin

    Hi there! My name is Brittany Drouin and I’ve been a certified yoga teacher for the past three years. I initially discovered my love for yoga while I was pregnant with my first child six years ago, just hoping for a good stretch in the hips. I started with prenatal yoga, then post natal yoga and now enjoy various types of yoga practices. I’ve taught prenatal and post natal yoga and enjoy sharing this practice with mothers. As a teacher, yoga has changed my career for the better. I bring the practice of yoga right into the classroom, practicing mindfulness and learning to calm our bodies through breath and movement. It has made for a much calmer, welcoming and caring classroom. I have a quirky and fun way of life and enjoy teaching kids. Having two kids myself it's wonderful to share my passion for yoga with them and other families. 

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  • Laxmi Konwar

    Laxmi Konwar was born in India and was deeply influenced by the practice of dharma and karma, "the eternal law" of life.  Living most of her life in Nepal and India, she began practicing Yoga, Pranayam and Ayurveda from a very young age. In 2016, she met her Spiritual Teacher, Guru Shree Trikutanand in Nepal who follows the path of Satya Marga (The Path of Ultimate Truth) and she was initiated in these spiritual and healing practices.  Her daily practice consists of Rudram yoga, Pranayam with mudras, Yoga Nidra and energy healing through Himalayan healing bowls and Chakra massage (Vedic reflexology).

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  • Cristina Lella

    Cristina Lella has been studying and practicing dance, movement and yoga for over 30 years. Her main yoga teachers have been Leigh Evans in San Francisco, K.J. Holmes in San Francisco and New York, Hart Lazer in Montreal, Ron Reid and Marla Joy in Toronto. She holds a Master of Arts in Dance Ethnology from York University and dances and works on occasion with Aanmitaagzi Storymakers in Nipissing. Cristina's classes are influenced by Iyengar, Ashtanga and Kundalini Yogas, Polarity Theory and Ayurveda, and by her lifelong study and practice of contemporary dance techniques and principles, including Ballet, Martha Graham and Contact Improvisation. For Cristina, yoga is a seeking... a quest to decipher unfathomable geometries within, and to be forever awe-struck and bewildered. It is also inextricably entwined with dancing and with cleaning house. Cristina co-founded and co-owns Vinyasa with Rob Joanisse.

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  • Amanda Lanno

    "Yoga is always there you just have to figure a way to draw it out." Amanda Lanno

    As a small child, Amanda would drag a kitchen chair to the middle of the room, carefully arrange her pillow, sit thereon and announce: "Shhh! I'm doing my grammatation," to emulate her meditating grandmother. Many years later in 1999, she stepped back onto that path through practicing Yoga both on and off the mat. Wandering around the world and within the city of Vancouver, she soaked in wisdom from a variety of teachers including the land itself. In 2007, Amanda moved to North Bay for work as an Occupational Therapist and was pleasantly surprised by the wisdom and skill she found in her teachers at Vinyasa, as well as by the inspiration she receives from the Canadian Shield. Amanda completed her 200hour Ashtanga Yoga certification course with Baba Hari Das at Mount Madonna in Watsonville, California in July 2010, has specialized training to teach yoga and meditation to children and in Trauma Sensitive Yoga. She aspires to Baba Hari Das's prescription: teach to learn, work honestly, meditate everyday, meet people without fear, and play.

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  • Jessie Baldwin

    With honour, Jessie offers a spiritual and sacred yoga practice. Teaching from the heart and her own experiences, Jessie’s classes offer the experience of inner connection and the cultivation of self-transformation. Her passion for spirit and growth creates a safe space to turn inwards in order to heal with love. Jessie’s passion for yoga as a method of healing creates the opportunity to find harmony in the mind, body, and spirit. 

    Jessie began her yoga journey in 2014 and is now a certified CYA-RYT550. She teaches many different styles of yoga practices including Hatha, Yin, Flow, Meditation, Kundalini, and Kids classes. Also, her Master Reiki training brings a deep sense of healing into all of her classes. These practices often include a combination of intention, movement, meditation, breathing, and mantra. For Jessie, the learning never ends. With her own practice and experiences, inspiration is shared with the students who cross her path.

    Jessie grew up in the North Bay/Powassan area and spent most of her childhood riding horses and living next to nature. This is where she feels most at home. For most of her life she felt like no matter where she went she didn’t fit in. When she was 18 and went to university she had to give up riding, leaving her feeling more lost and alone than ever before. She found herself constantly trying to be something that she was not, just to try to fit in with the people around her. She did this because she didn’t know who she was, or why she was here. This is when she found yoga. It didn’t take much time after that for her to realize that, this whole time, she didn’t “fit in” for a reason. This reason is her purpose. Yoga has only been in her life for about 4 years, but it only took one class for it to become her entire life’s focus. Yoga has become her life in every way possible and it is her life’s mission to help others heal with love. Today Jessie shares these yogic practices with a sense of gratitude and purpose.

    Contact information for Jessie:
    Facebook: Jaya Yoga and Wellness; Jessie Baldwin
    Instagram: jayayogaandwelless; jessiesyogajourney
  • Ruth Madden

    Ruth has been leading yoga classes in the North Bay area since 2015. Prior to moving home to North Bay in 2013, Ruth completed her Master's in Dance/Movement Therapy and Counseling in Chicago. Ruth is a trained professional dancer and a thai yoga massage practitioner. Ruth views movement and relationships through a psychological lens believing first and foremost that the body and mind are infinitely connected. A shift in one encourages a shift in the other. Ruth loves to share the gifts of yoga because of what it provided her during a period of grief, loss and unexpected change in her life. It was an effective practice for anxiety and coping skills as she was able to shift from a perspective of helplessness to inner power and peace.

    Yoga is space for people to slow down, relax and give back to themselves.
    Yoga is people moving their bodies in a safe way.
    Yoga is the increased awareness for Self and others.
    Yoga is a lifestyle that you love.
    Ruth loves to lead yoga because, over time, a class becomes a community. 
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