• Contemplative Arts & Embodiment Studies
    On The Spot
    Cristina A. Lella
  • On The Spot
    because my best way of working
    is to bring my whole self to a session
    and to proceed with what feels most useful and inspiring
    in the moment.
    I pull from years of study and practice
    in the fields of sensory awareness, movement, dance,
    improvisation, composition, collaboration, performance
    and presence.
  • Private Sessions
    Sessions can include breath work and meditation, restorative & gentle yoga, vinyasa flow yoga, walking,
    free-flow movement, basic technique in ballet, modern & contemporary dance, line drawing and developing a personal practice.
    We can discuss and determine the type of sessions you think would be most beneficial for you, your group, your clients.
    The fee structure varies according to the type of group or organization, type of session, and number of participants.
    For inquiries or to book a session, contact Cristina
    While covid-19 remains a risk to our health, sessions will take place online using Zoom or possibly outside if desirable by all involved.
  • About

    In Yoga, I seek to decipher unfathomable geometries within and to be forever awe-struck and bewildered. It is also inextricably entwined with dancing and with cleaning house. 
    Art, for me, begins in love. It infuses itself into every nook. I love my artful life.
    I am rooted in modern and contemplative dance and physcial practices, including yoga. My ongoing studies currently include deepening an interest in textiles, performative installations and drawing. I'm an avid amateur of astrology, vedic cosmology and developmental and evolutionary patterns of growth and movement. These areas of interest all come into play in my teaching and art work. I love participating in improvisational, multi- & inter-disciplinary land-based art projects, and I collaborate on occasion with Aanmitaagzi Storymakers in Nipissing First Nation, the artist-run White Water Gallery, members of the Nipissing Region Curatorial Collective in North Bay, and with members of Public Displays of Art in London, Ontario.
    I continually attend professional level workshops and training in yoga, movement and other arts. I am a certified yoga instructor through Downward Dog Yoga Centre in Toronto and am expanding my teaching skills through Amrit Nam Sarovar's approach to Kundalini yoga with Claire Lautier. I hold a Master of Arts in Dance Ethnology from York University, a Baccalaureate of Arts in Cultural Anthropology and Film Studies from the University of Western Ontario, and a Certificate in Professional Dance Performance and Choreography from Les ateliers de danse moderne de Montréal. I apprenticed and collaborated with Les atetiers de danse co-founder Candace Loubert in creative process work.
  • Selected Testimonials

  • I started practicing yoga with Cristina in 2010 and I love her teaching style! Cristina offers a detailed asana instruction to both the individual and the group during her classes to offer a safe and mindful yoga practice. Her knowledge and love of movement are evident as she encourages each student to explore their practice and offers modifications to suit every body. I am grateful for the compassionate, caring instruction Cristina has provided me.

    Alaina Gislason, hospital administrator & yoga instructor

  • I really enjoy Cristina's classes. Students gain access to deep knowledge and experience through Cristina's teaching. I always learn something new from Cristina about how my body wants to align, move, connect, and breathe. It is not just about 'doing' the yoga postures, but uncovering something new about connectivity between different parts of the body, and with the mind and spirit, or emotional body. After class, I feel spacious, lifted, and more relaxed and at ease with 'where I'm at'. She sets that tone, to come into oneself, our capacious self, through her attitude and approach to teaching yoga.

    Nicole Latulippe, professor of environmental sciences

  • Needing some motivation and inspiration to help fire up my own personal practice , Cristina Lella came highly recommended. I have a handful of yoga friends who are yoga teachers and having also gone through the 200 hr teacher training, I still felt like I needed more experience and knowledge from a skilled teacher. These 4 private sessions were exactly what I needed to inspire me. The breadth of topics covered including philosophy, anatomy, Sanskrit, assisting, posture and alignment, breath work and much much more were so carefully taught that time flew by. Cristina has such a presence about her. You will feel her calming and loving energy the moment you spend time with her. I came home with literature and resources I need to continue to read, learn and grow into a more experienced yoga teacher. 

    I was extremely happy with the time spent with her and will happily continue my practice with Vinyasa studio North Bay. 

    Brittany Drouin, teacher & yoga instructor

  • Classes with Cristina are poetry.
    She brings a deep understanding of movement that guides you into yourself and back out to the world. Time moves differently, beauty becomes bigger, and something new is always discovered. I am so thankful for her practice.

    Hannah S., designer, builder, artist

  • I am working toward offering useful practice sheets I call
    Cryptic Epiphanies 
    principles and practices 
    inspired by the weather, seasons, nature,
    astrology & various cosmologies,
    various anatomies & geometries,
    developmental & evolutionary movement patterns
    odd & in awe
    sourcing streaming
     seek to understand
    be wilder
  •  cancer season
    june, july
    cardinal water, young summer, belly & breasts
    a soft embrace
    summer settling in
    june, july, augus
    gemini, cancer, leo
    mutable air, cardinal water, fixed fire
    the bewildering, beautiful existence
    of shadflies
    Their form always reminds me of the yoga posture Salambasana or Locust pose.
    Strengthen, lift, and open the heart.
    Lying on my belly,
    I reach my hands behind me and interlace my fingers,
    anchoring, as best I can,
     my heart with my shouldblades.
    Arms and fingers fold
    onto and into each other at the back,
    rolling open the upper arms, deepening & softening the armpits,
    lifting the strenum & collarbones..
    The tail, legs and toes stream backwards.
    The toes can wiggle and reach through the wake.
    It can be a bit like a baby’s first lift of the head
    (and senses) from lying flat on the belly,
    imprinting the cervical and lumbar arcs into the spine,
    and also
    imprinting the environment into the mind and heart.
    be wilder


  • Sun in Gemini
    may & june
    late spring, mutable air, fingers & hands
    reaching out
    dexterity & wit
    hand dances with finger tips
    picking early herbs
    precision with your words
    hand stands
    if you can: walk on your hands
  • Sun in Taurus
    april & may
    mid spring, fixed earth, throat
    landed, content
    expanding into warmth
    holding the globe & being held whole
    there are still some hatchings on the way
    humming, chanting, singing
    spherical breathing
  • Sun in Aries
    march & april
    early spring, cardinal fire, head
    birthing & sprouting
    pushing through
    entering new realms
    direct action
    sense into pineal & pituitary glands
    pour weight of the hands, fingers interlaced gently into crown of head
    press crown gently up into palms of hands
    press head into floor...&/or headstand (if safe)
    squat...press feet into floor to stand... reach arms & hands upward... lift heels
    open mind to new ideas
  • Sun in Pisces
    february & march
    late winter, mutable water
  • Ponder
    shifting ground
    freeze & thaw
    letting go
    drawing in
    extracting nutrients
  • Snow Moon full in Virgo
    mutable earth
    twisting flows
    serious savasana
  • 2020

    sit in virasana, hero's pose
    spread your toes
    squeeze your knees & thighs
    heels of hands to top of thighs
    fingers spread
    elbows gently hug ribs
    armpits dome
  • 2020
    Scorpio Season
    diving into darkness
    temples open
  • 2020
    september, october, november, december
    virgo, libra, scorpio, sagittarius
    mutable earth, cardinal air, fixed water, mutable fire
    pumpkins & squash
    seeds & sweet flesh
     spirit exits
    chemistry expires
    standing sequence:
    warrior 3
    hold big toe in front, side, front with twist
  • 2020
    Winter Dissipating, Spring Rising
    In the midst of this cryptic & bewildering story,
    we can deepen & expand our spheres of solidarity
    Simply Pay Attention
    "The practice is one of tasting the moment,
    to sense what arises in the present
    and to learn to extend our sensing...
    When we sense the edge of our known world,
    we can extend presence to receive the infinite opening
    beyond and through the known,
    as we might follow the ringing of a temple bell.
    As we ... learn to live into the unknown,
    the infinite reveals itself to us
    so that we come to know it intimately."
    Rita Kaparo, PhD in Awakening Somatic Intelligence: The Art and Practice of Embodied Mindfulness

  • Pulling from 30 years of experience, I share my favourite principles and practices for making good, true and beautiful use of our human form.
  • Point Blanket, Reweaving
    This is an ongoing labour of love seeking to understand, to disentangle some of the tangled symbolism in the Hudson's Bay Company's woollen point blankets with multi-coloured stripes.
    I see it as a point on a landscape, at an intersection of many routes, through time.
    I've been asking myself  'What can I do with the aspects of my inheritance that embody and sustain imperialism and colonialism?' and 'What is radical imagination?'
  • Itinerary Library
    How Do Our Routes Overlap?
    Sharing favourite walking routes and special sites through and around Nipissing and North Bay.
  • Messenger Bags
    Hand-stitched satchels and messenger bags using old placemats and other linens.
  • For inquiries or to book a session, contact Cristina at 705-498-9642 or vinyasayogastudio@gmail.com