• Testimonials

  • Trista Bernier

  • I am probably the resident senior at Vinyasa Yoga Studio. I am 73 years old and have been practising yoga for the past 12 years, 3 times per week with Rob & Cristina. What keeps me practising yoga at Vinyasa? As I grow older, I know that I must keep my body moving as much as possible and yoga is an easy way to accomplish this. I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate the excellent instruction and the welcoming and supportive atmosphere at Vinyasa. Practice never gets boring because new approaches, poses and movements are constantly being introduced. Yoga keeps my muscles and joints fluid, flexible and strong. Also being with people of all ages is motivating and energizing. Rob & Cristina always stress that each session is your own practice and that you are not in competition with anyone. They give you different versions of the same pose so that you can adjust the pose to suit your needs. While travelling, I have attended several other yoga studios but have yet to encounter the same wonderful experience that I get at Vinyasa. North Bay is so very lucky to have Rob & Cristina!

    Barbara Bukowski

  • "I always learn something new from Cristina about how my body wants to align, move, connect, and breathe. It is not just about 'doing' the yoga postures, but uncovering something new about connectivity between different parts of the body, and with the mind and spirit, or emotional body. After class I feel spacious, lifted, and more relaxed and at ease with 'where I'm at.' She sets that tone, to come into oneself, our capacious selves, through her attitude and approach to teaching yoga."

    Nicole Latulippe

  • I have been attending classes at Vinyasa Yoga Studio for about ten years. I have never been an athletic type but wish to remain strong and active. Rob and Cristina are the perfect blend of encouraging and patient. Their vast knowledge, compassion and deep commitment to their students allow me to progress and deepen my practise through time. Both Cristina and Rob are excellent at providing further instruction on specifics of the practise and at adapting poses and movements for the challenges or concerns of their students. Vinyasa Yoga Studio has a pleasant, welcoming atmosphere that supports the generous offerings its owners impart. I am forever grateful.

    Lynn Farintosh

  • I started practicing yoga with Cristina in 2010 and I love her teaching style! Cristina offers a detailed asana instruction to both the individual and the group during her classes to offer a safe and mindful yoga practice. Her knowledge and love of movement are evident as she encourages each student to explore their practice and offers modifications to suit every body. I am grateful for the compassionate, caring instruction Cristina has provided me.

    Alaina Gislason