• Movement Practices & Embodiment Studies

  • Body Awareness as a Source of Well-Being & Integrity

  • Cristina Lella is a movement teacher & artist
    offering support with developing body and movement awareness.
    Private and group sessions, suitable for all ages & abilities, are available in English & French.
    I am a contemporary dancer of 30 years, continuing to collaborate and dance with other independent choreographers and performers. My preference is for improvisational projects that are site-specific and land-based. I co-own Vinyasa Yoga Studio with my husband Rob Joanisse in North Bay, Ontario where I teach yoga and movement awareness classes. I also dance and collaborate on occasion with Aanmitaagzi Storymakers in Nipissing First Nation.
    Proactive in my professional development, studying, performing and sharing embodiment practices for over 30 years, I attend and develop ongoing professional level and teacher-training workshops in yoga, movement and other arts. I have facilitated and performed movement arts in Montreal, Toronto, London (Ontario) and San Francisco (U.S.A.). I hold a Master of Arts in Dance Ethnology from York University, a Baccalaureate of Arts in Cultural Anthropology and Film Studies from the University of Western Ontario, and a Certificate in Professional Dance Performance and Choreography from Les ateliers de danse moderne de Montréal. I am currently deepening an interest in textiles and performative installations and working to refine my skills within and supported by several communities of contemporary artists and makers. 
    As Vinyasa Yoga Studio naturally evolves, Rob's and my mission is to broaden the scope of our independent projects. I am seeking collaborative alliances through which to offer private and open sessions for individuals and organizations in and beyond North Bay. Sessions can include focus on breath work, posture & alignment, restorative & gentle yoga, vinyasa flow yoga, contemplative arts, basic technique in ballet, modern & contemporary dance, partnering & adjusting, and developing a personal practice. We can discuss and determine the type of sessions you think would be most beneficial for you, your group, your clients.
    The fee structure varies according to the type of group or organization, type of session, and number of participants.
  • For inquiries or to book a session, contact Cristina at 705-825-0225 or vinyasayogastudio@gmail.com

    as a source
  • Yoga, for me, is a seeking
    to decipher unfathomable geometries within
    & to be forever awe-struck & bewildered. 
    It is also inextricably entwined with dancing & with cleaning house.

  • Yoga & Movement Practice
    studying and sharing principles and practices of human form and movement
  • Point Blanket 
    disassembling a potent symbol, examining its parts, exploring variations for reassembling it, considering its point on a landscape, an intersection of many routes over time, asking questions like 'What can I do with the items and thought patterns that are my cultural inheritance, and that embody imperialism and colonialism?' & 'What is radical imagination?'
  • Itinerary Library 
    sharing our favourite walking routes, asking questions like 'What happens when the heal hits the ground?', 'How do our paths cross & overlap?'
  • Messenger Bags 
    making satchels with used placemats, hand stitching and intuitive construction
  • Serpent People with Aanmitaagzi Storymakers
    multi-disciplinary explorations of themes, as pulled by Penny Couchie and Sid Bobb, from a traditional Nipissing story
  • Selected Testimonials

  • I really enjoy Cristina's classes. Students gain access to deep knowledge and experience through Cristina's teaching.  I always learn something new from Cristina about how my body wants to align, move, connect, and breathe. It is not just about 'doing' the yoga postures, but uncovering something new about connectivity between different parts of the body, and with the mind and spirit, or emotional body. After class, I feel spacious, lifted, and more relaxed and at ease with 'where I'm at'. She sets that tone, to come into oneself, our capacious self, through her attitude and approach to teaching yoga. 

    Nicole Latulippe

  • I have been attending classes at Vinyasa Yoga Studio for about ten years. I have never been an athletic type but wish to remain strong and active. Rob and Cristina are the perfect blend of encouraging and patient. Their vast knowledge, compassion and deep commitment to their students allow me to progress and deepen my practise through time. Both Cristina and Rob are excellent at providing further instruction on specifics of the practise and at adapting poses and movements for the challenges or concerns of their students. Vinyasa Yoga Studio has a pleasant, welcoming atmosphere that supports the generous offerings its owners impart. I am forever grateful.

    Lynn Farintosh

  • I started practicing yoga with Cristina in 2010 and I love her teaching style! Cristina offers a detailed asana instruction to both the individual and the group during her classes to offer a safe and mindful yoga practice. Her knowledge and love of movement are evident as she encourages each student to explore their practice and offers modifications to suit every body. I am grateful for the compassionate, caring instruction Cristina has provided me.

    Alaina Gislason