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  • Rob Joanisse

    Originally from North Bay, Rob Joanisse was introduced to Ashtanga Yoga by his primary teachers Mark Darby and Allison Ulan at the Ashtanga Yoga Studio in Montreal in 1998. He completed the studio’s 500-hour teacher certification course and is certified with Yoga Alliance (E-RYT 500) and has been teaching yoga since 2001. Rob has also studied Iyengar yoga with Hart Lazer, one of North America’s foremost yoga instructors, attended numerous workshops with Pattabhi Jois, Sharath, Richard Freeman, Chuck Miller and Maty Ezraty.  He is also an accomplished professional drummer; won a Juno Award with Bran Van 3000; recorded with Ric Ocasek of The Cars; teaches drum lessons and accompanies yoga and dance classes.

  • Cristina Lella

    Cristina Lella has been practicing yoga since 1997 and teaching since 2002. She has taken many teacher-training workshops with Hart Lazer in Montreal, has completed the first module of teacher training at the Downward Dog Yoga Centre in Toronto with Ron Reid and Diane Bruni.  Prior to this she trained and worked in various forms of movement arts for 20 years and holds a Master of Arts in Dance Ethnology from York University. Cristina's yoga classes are currently influenced by Iyengar, Ashtanga and Kundalini Yogas, Polarity Therapy and Ayurveda, and by her lifelong study and practice of contemporary dance, including Ballet, Martha Graham Technique, Candace Loubert’s creative process work, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen's experiential anatomy and developmental movement patterns, Contact Improvisation and Tango.

  • Amanda Lanno

    "Yoga is has always there you just have to figure a way to draw it out." 

    Amanda Lanno

    As a small child, Amanda would drag a kitchen chair to the middle of the room, carefully arrange her pillow, sit thereon and announce: "Shhh! I'm doing my grammatation," to emulate her meditating grandmother. Many years later in 1999, she stepped back onto that path through practicing Yoga both on and off the mat. Wandering around the world and within the city of Vancouver, she soaked in wisdom from a variety of teachers including the land itself. In 2007, Amanda moved to North Bay for work as an Occupational Therapist and was pleasantly surprised by the wisdom and skill she found in her teachers at Vinyasa, as well as by the inspiration she receives from the Canadian Shield. Amanda completed her 200hour Ashtanga Yoga certification course with Baba Hari Das at Mount Madonna in Watsonville, California in July 2010, has specialized training to teach yoga and meditation to children and in Trauma Sensitive Yoga. She aspires to Baba Hari Das's prescription: teach to learn, work honestly, meditate everyday, meet people without fear, and play.